Stainless Steel Pivot Glass Shower Cubicle (BM801FR)

Stainless Steel Pivot Glass Shower Cubicle (BM801FR)

Deli sliding shower enclosure SD5 combines simple and modern design style, unique art of fitting straight lines and curves, combined with exquisite craftsmanship, to meet people's needs for both practical and beautiful aspects, bringing you an extremely safe and comfortable shower life experience.

Product Details

Our company's Single Bath Screen, Frameless Rectangle Pivot Shower Door, Neo-Angle Frameless Hinged Shower Screen and technology are being promoted, warmly welcome people from all walks of life to exchange and cooperate with us. High production costs but low prices for our long-term cooperation. The use of modern management methods, means and tools has become an important condition for the survival and development of enterprises. We've got professional products knowledge and rich experience on manufacturing.


The security brought by the Deli shower enclosure SD5 is not only reflected in the vision, but also in the quality and design.

In terms of push-pull, the damping limit buffer design is used:

The fixed design of the damping limiter can effectively slow down the push-pull speed of the pulley, prevent the pulley from being pushed too hard, buffer the contact strength between the glass and the mountain glue, and do not hit your hands and feet when pushing and pulling, protecting your safety.

The combination of i-shaped track and reverse U-shaped pulley:

The i-type track system achieves a major innovation, imitating the slag-free track of the train, the anti-U-shaped pulley does not accumulate dust, does not sway, does not have a virtual position, and cooperates with imported 304 stainless steel hanging rails and fully enclosed stainless steel bearing pulleys.

New structure of pilot long pulley:

The 6 pulleys are 6 times more secure, and are the secret weapon of Deli shower room SD5 to improve the overall safety.

Aircraft four wheels + with extra long wheel base + locomotive two-wheel structure, 6-wheel operation, forming a stable four-sided structure, stronger bearing capacity, smooth push and pull without deformation.

New pilot handle:

The new pilot handle has an inner arc surface + outer plane design. The combination of straight lines and arcs highlights the bold and rigid beauty. Among them, the piloting handle implies leading all the way, outstanding, and wealth.

Slope structure + Zhongshan word glue:

The slope structure of the bottom rail, 10 ° slope design, improves the problem of slow conduction of the traditional right-angle bottom rail, and it is not easy to accumulate water.

Zhongshan word glue guides the glass to travel on a specific track to ensure that the glass and the track run concentrically and coaxially.

We'll make every effort and hard work to be superb and excellent, and speed up our steps for Stainless Steel Pivot Glass Shower Cubicle (BM801FR). We are looking for long-term business partnerships, and ensure our suppliers that they will absolutely benefit in both short and long run. Looking forward to the future, we will continue to uphold the business philosophy of honest management and promise.
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