SU2 Series | Hinged Shower Door

Extremely narrow frame design with simple floor handle The lines are smooth, fresh and capable, and the grip feeling is comfortable at the same time. The height is appropriate, and the elderly and children can open the door easily, SU2, give your family more care.

Product Details

一、Open and close inside and outside

Adopt the hinge design of the world axis, the movable door can be opened inward and outward at the same time.The bearing weight can reach more than 1000KG.After 30,000 opening and closing tests, the glass still does not fall down.

image       image

二、Built-in aluminum core,safe and stable

There is no aluminum core reinforcement and anti pricking rubber strip for the narrow side material of the products on the market.Glass glue is often used for reinforcement.Easy to fall off under impact of external force,serious impact on safety.Narrow edge design of Deli joint wall,internal aluminum core reinforcement.Insert anti prick rubber strip.It is safe  and firm without falling off.Product design style is more simple and beautiful.


三、All-inclusive bevel substrate waterproof and durable 

SU2 adopts all-inclusive bevel substrate design, built-in aluminum core reinforcement, safe and stable; 15-degree bevel design, faster water removal, effectively avoid dirt and dirt, the details show the spirit of Deli.



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