The concept of urban aesthetics coincides with the simplest idea. The sparkling blurred light is mixed with warm and comfortable light, awakening the throbbing heart, which is the charm of the SD2 series.

Product Details

一、SD2 adopts 10° inclined bottom rail design,  with fast return water, Avoid contamination of the bottom rail, and  keep the bathroom clean and fresh, Make people feel pleasant.

二、The bottom rail adopts a new type of adjustable Zhongshan  rubber, with rollers inside, which can automatically adjust  the tension and ensure the smooth and silent operation of  the glass along the rail.

三、V-shaped rail combined with stainless steel fully-enclosed bearing pulley is adopted.  The two points of the rail are balanced in force, sliding with no shaking, and antijumping parts are installed, so there is no fear of derailment during abnormal pushpull, which guarantees safety in all aspects.


四、The mountain type side material with embedded aluminum core is adopted, to  effectively slow down the impact of water flow during shower, reduce the water flow  leakage of the shower enclosure, and provide a waterproof barrier for more peace of  mind.


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