With a beautiful wish for a light life, and seeking the perfect balance of function and design , the SD4 series touches the life from a fashionable perspective, washing us out of hustle and bustle and filling with elegant taste.

Product Details

一、SD4 adopts ultra narrow frame to increase  the overall transparency, Making the space more concise,  fashionable and beautiful. Bottom rail slope structure,  and 10° inclined design, Effectively improve the slow diversion of  traditional right angle bottom rail, It is not easy to accumulate water.

二、The fixed stopper effectively prevents the pulley from  sliding excessively, and the contact strength between the  buffer glass and the mountain type rubber makes the  sliding more stable and the safety is better guaranteed.

三、The sliding parts ensure no offset of the movable door, The support part also has a positioning function, The support structure is cleverly formed by a concealed hidden design.


四、The slope structure of the bottom rail adopts the inclined design, which improves the  slow diversion of the traditional right angle bottom rail, accelerates the water diversion  and is not easy to accumulate water.


五、The mountain type side material with embedded aluminum core is adopted, to  effectively slow down the impact of water flow during shower, reduce the water flow  leakage of the shower enclosure, and provide a waterproof barrier for more peace of  mind.


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