Why Choose Deli Shower Room?

- Oct 29, 2020-

一、The original glass suppliers selected by Deli: Shenzhen CSG, Dongguan Xinyi, Fuzhou Fuyao, Shandong Jinjing:

In the choice of shower room glass, in order to ensure the safety when consumers use it, fully tempered glass must be strictly used. There are also many differences in tempered glass. The first thing that determines the quality of glass is the equipment, technology, process, and management of the glass original processing plant.

二、Tempered glass:

Deli chose the best tempering plant in Guangdong (Jin Yaohua). The tempering equipment of this tempering plant uses fully imported tempering equipment, which is effective to ensure that the tempering temperature (about 695°) and tempering time (12 minutes) of a glass In this tempering temperature range, the national standard (50MM*50MM≧40 grains) of Deli Company has reached 60-80 grains, far exceeding the national standard. Higher than this temperature will lead to insufficient hardness and brittleness of the glass, lower than this temperature Will make the glass fragments uneven, leaving a safety hazard.

三、Explosion-proof film glass:

All Deli products are required to be treated with explosion-proof film (except for laminating), and imported 3H high-hardness diamond explosion-proof film is used to ensure that the glass will not splash and hurt people after the glass is broken; 2018.07.01 promulgated the "National Shower Room Glass New Standard", The shower room must use explosion-proof film glass or laminated glass.

四、Laminated glass:

Laminated glass is the safest glass in the world. It is mainly used in airports, large shopping malls, high-end hotels and other places; the laminated glass used by Deli is made of two pieces of tempered glass glued through German imported PVB film. After a piece of glass is broken , The whole piece of glass can still be used normally.