Which Is Better For Shower Curtains, Shower Screens And Shower Rooms?

- Jun 20, 2019-

Which is better for shower curtains, shower screens and shower rooms?

During the renovation of the bathroom, many owners do not know how to choose the shower curtain, shower screen, or shower room. What are the differences between the three, and what are the characteristics of the use function, the following is a small series of shower room Everyone explained clearly.

Shower curtain disassembly is the most flexible and the most cost-effective solution, no matter what shape the shower area can be easily reached by installing a shower curtain to achieve a simple wet and dry partition. Traditional shower curtains are generally made of materials such as plastics and cloth. When the indoor temperature is low, the shower curtain also has the function of gathering hot steam and maintaining the local temperature of the shower area. However, the shortcomings of the shower curtain are also obvious: the shower curtain is difficult to make the bathroom absolutely dry and wet, and some water will cross the boundary. And the shower curtain is likely to stick to your body when you take a shower. This wet feeling is very bad. In addition, shower curtains are more prone to aging or mold, and usually have to be replaced after a while. Fortunately, it is easier to change the shower curtain. This is also an advantage for many people. You can often change the bathroom to a new look according to different moods.

The shower screen is actually a glass door installed on the wall, and a corresponding threshold on the ground. The shower panel consisting of a shower screen has walls on one side, a shower screen on one side and an open side on the other. Therefore, the effect of wet and dry partitions is not very good, and it is more suitable for regular bathroom. The only benefit is that it can effectively block the water from spilling to the side next to the shower area.

Shower rooms are relatively expensive and can be ordered. The shower room can effectively achieve dry and wet partitions. The steam shower room is also called the steam room. Cardiac, hypertensive patients and children cannot use the steam room alone. This kind of shower room has been popular, but now more and more people are aware of its shortcomings, which are not very popular with everyone. The main problem is that the bath inside is very boring, although there are exhaust devices on it. Moreover, its sanitation is also difficult to manage, and once it is broken, it is difficult to repair. Compared with the whole shower room, the simple shower room has no "roof" and the style is quite rich. Professional custom shower room for 18 years, independent research and development design up to 50 series, more than 300 models, the products sell well in China, exported to Europe, America, Oceania and other 80 countries and regions. At present, the dominant product is a simple shower room. The styles introduced at the Shanghai International Kitchen and Bath Show in 2018 have been favored by consumers and become the vane of the industry.