The Size Of The Shower Room Should Be Chosen Like This?

- Jun 07, 2019-

The size of the shower room should be chosen like this?

The main content of the bathroom decoration is the installation of the shower room, because the shower room occupies a large area of the bathroom and must be properly installed. Shower room franchisees In order to better achieve dry and wet separation, glass shower room is essential.

So, which door should I choose when decorating the glass shower room? In general, people used to install sliding doors in the past, because sliding doors are relatively more space-saving, and do not occupy an area during the push-pull process, the visual effect is also good, so many people choose to install sliding doors.

When it comes to the renovation of the shower room production, everyone thinks of the material of the tile! Although the price of tiles is more expensive, the advantages of tiles are also there. Tiles are not afraid of moisture, so they are especially suitable for use in bathrooms, but when we are tiling, we need a lot of labor costs, which will cost us refurbishment. increase! Today, when some people decorate the bathroom floor of a bathroom, they often do not choose this material. They will be more inclined to marble slabs, and this material seems to be more suitable for shower rooms than ceramic tiles!

The space is large enough, the shower room has many advantages, such as dry and wet separation, the winter insulation can keep the bathtub warm, the water will not splash when using the shower room, it will not affect the use of the bathroom, if the bathroom is also put a washing machine, bathroom cabinet, etc. The probability of getting wet is smaller and the life is longer.

Simple shower room manufacturer

The shower room manufacturer reminds you to choose the shower room, but can't resist the erosion of time. , diamond shower room, standard diamond-shaped shower room is mainly 900x900mm, 900x1200mm, 1000x1000mm and 1200x1200mm size.

If the standard size does not meet your needs, you can choose non-standard customization. Generally, the size of the intermediate glass is the same, but the length and width of the double side are added or subtracted, but the price is relatively expensive. The small size of the diamond-shaped shower room should not be less than 800×800mm, otherwise the activity is limited and the bath is not smooth.

Small size, the small size of the shower room should not be less than 800x800mm, and the height should not be lower than 1850mm. Otherwise, the activity is limited, and the person raised the hand higher than the shower room, so the bath is not smooth! The above are the size specifications of the various styles of shower rooms. Everyone can measure the size of their bathroom before going to the building materials city, and then choose the appropriate size shower room according to the actual situation.