The Importance Of Shower Enclosure Maintenance

- Aug 10, 2019-


1. Cleaning

When cleaning the walls and bottom of the shower enclosure, use a soft, dry cloth. If there is slight dirt, please use a soft cloth or sponge to clean with a neutral detergent. When removing stubborn dirt, please use alcohol to remove it.

When using the bathroom-specific detergent, be sure to use it properly in accordance with the precautions stated on the container. Incorrect use can cause adverse effects on the human body and can easily cause some undesirable conditions in the product.

Do not use the following items for cleaning: acidic, alkaline solvents, drugs (such as hydrochloric acid), acetone diluents and other solvents, decontamination powder, etc., otherwise it will have adverse effects on the human body, and will cause some adverse conditions.

2. How to use and maintain the pulley of the shower room

1. Push-pull shower door, currently has two methods: sliding block and sliding wheel.

2, pulleys, sliders should pay attention to the problems in use:

(1) It is to avoid the following force striking the movable door to avoid causing the movable door to fall off;

(2) Pay attention to regularly clean the slide rails, pulleys, sliders, and add lubricant (lubricating oil or lubricating wax);

(3) It is to adjust the adjusting screw of the slider regularly to ensure the effective bearing and good sliding of the sliding door to the movable door.


3. The maintenance of tempered glass

1. Do not hit or hit the glass surface with sharp objects to avoid damage;

2. Do not wipe the surface of the glass with a corrosive liquid such as water, so as not to damage the surface gloss;

3. Do not wipe the glass surface with a rough material to avoid scratches.


4. The maintenance of aluminum alloy frame

Electrostatic spraying products (refer to solid sprays such as white, bone, blue, yellow, red, purple, etc.); firstly, prevent direct sunlight and explosion, because the resin material and the color base powder will be photosensitive, causing spray The plastic layer is discolored; secondly, it cannot be wiped with a corrosive liquid or material; the third cannot be wiped with a rough material (including toothpaste), and the fourth cannot be sharpened with a sharp object. If there is stain on the surface of the aluminum, please wipe it with a neutral wash and clean water.

Oxidation and coloring products, (refer to as gold, silver, silver, brushed silver and other surface coloring): These products are not easy to fade compared to electrostatic coating products, but their hardness is poor, so they can not be wiped with rough materials on the surface, it mustn’t scratch the surface with sharp objects. If there is stain on the surface of the aluminum, please wipe it with a neutral wash and clean water.


5. The use and maintenance of the shower basin


1. Do not hit or strike the acrylic surface with sharp objects;

2. Do not wipe the acrylic surface with the corrosive liquid of banana oil, so as not to damage the surface gloss;

3. Do not wipe the acrylic surface with rough materials;


6. What is electrostatic powder?

Electrostatic powder spray, also known as solid spray, uses a resin-based material (solid powder), which is adsorbed on the surface of aluminum by electrostatic spraying, and then melted and fixed on the surface of aluminum after high temperature baking. It has the advantages of non-toxic, odorless and non-polluting, with bright color on the surface and strong customer selectivity. At present, many products such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines, etc. use this process.


7. Is the color of the gold and silver shower room electroplated?

The color of the shower room, such as gold, silver, sand silver, matt silver, brushed silver, etc., is not formed by electroplating, but is a surface treatment technology suitable for aluminum profiles. It is called anodized coloring. Before oxidative coloring, if the surface of the aluminum material is polished to a certain brightness, the material coming out is similar to stainless steel. We call it silver. If the surface of the material is sanded and then oxidized and colored, we call it satin silver; if the surface of the material is colored after drawing, we call it brushed silver. Because the shower room made of aluminum treated with this process has a metallic texture, it is favored by customers.


8. What is tempered glass? Why is there a self-explosion phenomenon in tempered glass?

Usually, the glass used in the shower door is a tempered glass that has been processed by a physical method, that is, a process in which the glass is heated to a certain temperature and then suddenly cooled. The tempered glass changes the crystal structure inside the glass and improves its surface hardness. The impact resistance and bending strength of the glass are 3-5 times higher than that of ordinary glass. When damaged by external force, the glass is small fragments without sharp angles, and the degree of damage to the human body is significantly reduced. However, the disadvantage of tempered glass is that once a small part of the whole glass is inadvertently damaged (including edges and corners), it is not broken like a normal glass, but is broken.

In the production process, when the pressure of the tempered glass is uneven due to certain factors, it will be immediately broken, or when the product is not able to be expressed due to the internal and external compressive stress of the glass after the product is completed, it will reflect the self-explosion through the dynamic of the product. Phenomenon; or affected by external factors, such as uneven force on the glass installation and hard objects directly pressing the glass surface, etc., will appear self-violent phenomenon. Therefore, the physical tempered glass will have a certain rate of self-explosion.