Small Space In The Shower Room, Great Happiness

- Jun 26, 2019-

Small space in the shower room, great happiness

A refined shower room will make you more happy. We are committed to the development and manufacture of shower products and are committed to serving dealers and consumers around the world. Providing a more comfortable bathing environment for everyone is what we have been pursuing. Whether it's the beauty of the shower room or the safer, more durable, environmentally friendly and healthy bath products, we are constantly upgrading and improving. Improve the quality of the public's bathing life and enhance the overall well-being of everyone. The shower room is actually a happy private space when we take a shower. In this small space, full of happiness. The shower room series products reflect this sincerity. Carefully polish every corner of the product, and customize the size of each detail to give the product a delicate and soft touch. With a simple and lightweight structure, it ensures that every consumer is more suitable and comfortable to use.

What should we pay attention to when taking a bath? In normal times, visitors should regularly adjust the hinge of the shower room and slide the roller to the movable door.

If the shower door is dirty, rinse it with clean water. Rinse the shower room tempered glass with glass water regularly to keep the glass clean. The dirt is wiped off with a soft cloth and a neutral detergent; stubborn stains can be scrubbed with a small amount of alcohol. Maintenance shower room with tempered glass, aluminium alloy and artificial stone basin.

2. How to use and maintain the shower pulley?

Avoid hitting the movable door of the shower room with force;

It is strictly forbidden to use hard objects to impact or impact the glass surface (special angular corner) shower room; pay attention to the regular addition of lubricant on the rails for daily cleaning. Avoid using acidic, alkaline solvent shower rooms. Do not wipe the glass surface with a strong acid and alkali solution to avoid scratching, NLIG. Avoid the surface gloss shower room, do not wipe the glass surface with wire, so as not to cause the moving door to fall off, but also prevent direct and explosive shower room.