Shower Room Type Competition

- Jun 15, 2019-

Shower room type competition

The separate bathroom is complete. Not only does it contain a shower, but it also includes a toilet, a washbasin, a vanity mirror, and even a shower curtain, a towel rail, and a towel rack. A bathroom can satisfy a variety of needs such as bathing, grooming and toilet use. In addition, the installation of this product is relatively simple, the owner can prepare the tool to install it himself, and it can be completed within one day. Normal bathroom renovation takes at least 3 weeks. Using this highly integrated product can really shorten the construction period, and since the bathroom can block the wall, many water pipes do not need to be buried in the wall. Little things. One of its big selling points is that the bathroom does not need to be waterproofed or tiled, which greatly simplifies the decoration process. The construction site, wall panel and ceiling of the main structure of the bathhouse are all high-strength materials formed once, and the wall seams are sealed after combination to ensure no water seepage for 30 years. The floor drain and the sewage outlet are directly connected to the original sewage outlet of the toilet, so there is no water seepage. In addition, the interior walls and floors of the bathroom are tiled and look like an ordinary small bathroom. However, the material of the whole bathroom may be aging, and if there is a hole in the size of the tip, it may cause water seepage. In addition, the water in the bathhouse is connected to the original house by PVC pipe, and the middle is fixed with glue. If the construction technology is not in place, leakage may occur. Therefore, it is recommended that even if this product is used, waterproofing should be done.

So waterproofing is indispensable, but it doesn't have to be as high as an ordinary bathroom. Since the whole bathroom has been blocked by the four walls, the waterproof focus is on the ground. The entire floor is painted waterproof and back 30 cm to the wall to prevent leakage of the bottom line contacts. Another problem is that the toilet drain hole and the water basin drain hole left by the developer are far apart. If they are concentrated in a small position, it may involve changing the waterway, so the risk of water leakage is even more Big. As to whether it still needs to be tiled, the tile is mainly used for aesthetics and easy care. As long as it is waterproof, the tile is dispensable in the bathroom. However, the tiled technology can also play a certain role in waterproofing. Although the whole bathroom is very concentrated inside, it is actually a waste of space. At present, it can not be customized, and the riser and other parts in the bathroom can not be included, and must be allowed to open. If the bathroom is larger than the product, some smaller corner locations are difficult to reuse. The reporter used a rectangular bathroom as an example. Please ask the product sales staff to make a design. From the picture, although the dry area can be made into a locker, the right side wall and the bathroom are nearly 30 cm wide and 2 meters long. It will be completely wasted. Design to be improved, the price/performance ratio is not high. Although it seems to be very powerful, the size of these products is only 1300×1200×2200mm and 1600×1300×2200mm. It can't be customized. It is equipped with so many in the area of about two square meters. Function, cramped and depressed feelings can be imagined. Moreover, such products are different from ordinary bathroom, the back panel and the shower screen are made of opaque composite material, the bathroom door is also the same material, and is flat. After the overall combination is completed, it is similar to a small box, lacking the transparency of the tempered glass in the ordinary bath room, and the comfort is greatly reduced.