Shower Room Type

- Jun 14, 2019-

Shower room type

The characteristics of the simple bath room are simple and not expensive. Most of the shower rooms are made of tempered glass, the frame is made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel, and the bottom basin is made of acrylic composite material or stone base table. The simple shower room has a simple structure, the bath function is basically complete, and there are no more additional functions. The space is relatively independent and simple, with a strong sense of transparency, and does not block the overall tile paving effect of the bathroom. Its price is not high, and the style is rich, can be customized according to the actual situation of the bathroom. One thing to note when choosing a simple bath room is that the glass is not as thick as possible. Generally speaking, in the flat-opening bath room, the width of the glass is generally large, so the stability is relatively poor, and the glass with a large thickness (greater than 6 mm) can be selected, and the fan shape, the diamond shape, the square shape, the movable door, etc. Small, the stability is relatively good, so choose 6 mm thick glass. Custom glass thickness like the common shower room has 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and other specifications, which can basically meet the needs of various non-standard customization.

At present, the average residential toilet area generally does not exceed 6 square meters. Even if the maximum area is 6 square meters, please ask the brand company to do waterproofing, tile laying (not involving water change), buy medium-priced sanitary products, and make a simple shower room. To create a bright, beautiful, dry and wet partition of the bathroom, the overall price will not exceed 10,000 yuan. In this way, the overall cost of the bathroom is not high. A similarly concentrated overall bathroom is likely to be the future direction of home improvement. However, its design needs to be improved, and the price is also high. The owner should carefully consider a variety of factors to choose carefully. There is a base of about 10 cm in the lower part of the shower room, and the hose can be directly connected to the original down pipe. But in this way, the height has increased, plus the height of the bathroom room and the exhaust fan at the top, the final height will reach 2.5-2.6 meters, so consumers who plan to purchase the whole bathroom should fully consider the problem of height. . □The overall function of the bath room is quite expensive. The whole shower room is generally composed of sprinkler, shower room, shower screen, top cover, bottom basin or bathtub. The shower screen is made of tempered glass, and the sump and back plate are generally acrylic composite. material. The shower room is fully enclosed and has good warmth, even in the winter. And some products also have foot massage, surf massage, FM radio, steam, exhaust, answering calls and other functions. As a fully enclosed bath room with an independent drain pipe, it is not necessary to wet the bathroom floor. Therefore, it is also possible to use a house that is exposed to water and has no water resistance. The disadvantage of the whole shower room is that it is expensive, it costs 10,000 yuan, and the size is generally too large, and it is basically not customizable. When choosing, because of its relatively high technical content, it is best to choose a big brand with quality and after-sales guarantee. In addition, the product should be reasonably selected according to the size and height of the bathroom. Too big a bath room will give people a sense of oppression. The overall shower room height is generally about 2.1 meters, and it needs to be raised about 10 cm when installing, so the actual height of the bathroom should be higher than 2.2 meters, otherwise it will not be installed. Generally, the external opening door takes up a large space, and it is necessary to consider whether the actual area is sufficient. It should also be noted that a high bathtub can be used for surfing baths, but if there are elderly people and children at home, they should try to choose a low tank, otherwise it is inconvenient to enter and exit. For functionally complex bath rooms, the elderly and children should be used under the guidance of their family members to avoid accidents.