How To Recognize Shower Door’s Quality

- Aug 08, 2019-


Due to the convenient and easy cleaning, shower room has been favored by modern people. It is not only the beautiful decoration of the bathroom, but also people can enjoy the showering. However, there are many brands of shower enclosures on the market, and the development of the domestic shower room industry is still immature. The shower room products are mixed, and consumers should carefully select from all aspects when purchasing the shower doors.

The quality of the shower room is mainly derived from the selection and processing of its main accessories.

(1) Look at the glass surface for impurities and fog.

(2) Look at the gloss of the aluminum cross section.

(3) Look at the structure of the pulley and see if there is oil seepage at the pulley of the sample in the exhibition hall.

(4) Look at whether the surface of the hardware is well-plated and whether it is hollow inside.

(5) Look at the stone base section for impurities and pores.