How To Choose Suitable Shower Doors

- Aug 01, 2019-


The familsy's requirements for bathroom facilities are getting higher and higher. Many families want to have a eparate bathing space. However, due to the limited space in the bathroom, only bathing facilities and sanitary ware can be placed in one room. The shower room makes full use of the corner of the room, and the shower area is clearly divided by a tiny area to form a relatively independent bathing space. How do you choose to shop in the various shower rooms on the market?


Which of the two shower room is better, framed or frameless?



Framed shower room

The shower room is made of "aluminum frame + tempered glass + basic accessories", which supports the overall frame like bone for body.

Advantages: The fixed glass is more stable, no need to change parts frequently, and the service life is relatively long.

Disadvantages: out of style, easy to be dirty, difficult cleaning, easy to leak when the seal is not strictly sealed.





Frameless shower enclosure

Frameless shower enclosure is a popular product in recent years. It replaces the aluminum frame with the hardware to connect the glass, and the glass is connected with the waterproof seal strips.

Advantages: Minimalist, stylish, it can make the bathroom space look more transparent and brighter.

Disadvantages: Waterproof seal strips are easy to age and need to be replaced regularly. Hardware does not touch glass in a large area like aluminum frame.  


What is the difference between the three common shower rooms?



Custom-made shower cubicle

Mainly according to the actual situation of the user's home to measure, customize, material selection, style, size, accessories can be adjusted according to user needs. Generally speaking, the purchase cycle is long and more in line with their own needs.

Suitable households: households with non-standard bathroom space, limited budget, better ventilation, and less demanding for style. 





Standard shower room

Standard shower room is produced by the merchants in a unified manner. The materials, styles, sizes and accessories have certain specifications and standards, and can also be used with shower tray, glass shelves and other items. The complete set of purchases is convenient and easy to operate, and the safety is relatively high.

Suitable families: The space is relatively moderate, and the family caring about safe use of products.



Smart steam shower cubicle

Also known as the computer steam room, it is on the basis of the standard shower room and adds a lot of intelligent settings such as bathtub, sound, massage, sauna, steam, etc. And it needs electricity, shower tray, and a top cover. And it includes exclusive exhaust facilities. If you plan to use it, be sure to leave a socket when you are arranging water and electricity, and pay attention to moisture.

Suitable family: Large bathroom space, ample sanitary ware budget, and families who like to enjoy a comfortable bathroom life.


How to choose four classic shower room styles?



The most common in-line or alcove shower room

Suitable family: The narrow bathroom space, the shower area just occupies a wall or in the corner. Almost 40-50% of families will choose this style of products. The price is affordable, no need to have a shower tray, just a water barrier is enough.




Easy-cleaning square or rectangular shower enclosure

Applicable households: It is best to use this type of shower room for families with large bathroom area and large enough space. It has enough space inside, which will not affect the normal bathing, and is more convenient and clean than other models.



Space-saving pentagonal or neo-angle shower room

Applicable family: If the bathroom is small, you can choose a pentagonal or neo-angle shower room. It just occupies a corner position. And the design can not only make people feel comfortable inside, but also easy to leave the passage of the external space.




Quadrant shower room

Applicable family: This style of shower room is stylish and changeable. It can be large or small. It can fit into the bathroom of different spaces and is often liked by people who love beauty. The customer who chooses it will choose a suitable shower pan, which looks more holistic. What’s more, the curved and tempered glass will be more expensive than ordinary flat glass, so the overall shape may be higher.