Here Is The Minimum Size Of The Screen-shaped Shower Room You Want To Know.

- Jun 16, 2019-

Here is the minimum size of the screen-shaped shower room you want to know.

As a "red man" in the bathroom, the shower room has the characteristics of safety, easy cleanliness, dry and wet separation. After working for a day, it is a pleasant thing to unload the tiredness and bathe in a refreshing way! Screen-shaped shower room, which is a kind of simple shower room, can be called a word shower screen, or a linear shower room. The structure is simple, and the screen is combined with the three walls to form a separate shower space. Moreover, its cost is reasonable and it has the characteristics of non-standard customization, so it has won the favor of many consumers.

The size of the shower room is limited by the space of the bathroom. Before the purchase, the user will have such a question: I want to make a screen-shaped shower room, but what is the minimum size of the screen-shaped shower room? Today Xiaobian answers the questions for everyone and hopes to help everyone.

The smallest size of the screen-shaped shower room: the screen-shaped shower room is divided into two types: bordered and borderless. There is a border shower screen, in order to facilitate access, the size of the entrance door must be at least 600mm, the largest size to see personal preference; the borderless shower screen is relatively easy to customize, for example, the minimum of a single door can be 550-600mm, then small It will affect people's free activities.

The bathroom space is small, but what about the shower room? The folding screen in this shower room is perfect for you.

This folding screen has a built-in magnet closing device and is highly sealed; its unique design can bring greater visual enjoyment and freedom to the small bathroom space. Another advantage is that it is easy to install; it is small in space. The folding screen is the best choice for the bathroom. It maximizes the shower space and does not give the user a sense of depression; it is designed to be used in some compact bathrooms, folding doors The door opening method allows the user to push the door directly. There is no need to consider the need for the door opening space of the shower room, and there is no need to consider the surrounding obstacles. Only a door space is required to realize the dry and wet separation of the bathroom and the partition to keep warm. Function, inside and outside the foldable shower room is when we do not have a shower, the shower screen can be attached to the wall, releasing the shower space and increasing the use of bathroom space.

And this borderless screen-shaped shower room is not bad!