Have To Look At The Shower Room Size Standard Introduction

- Jun 12, 2019-

Have to look at the shower room size standard introduction

When it comes to bathroom renovation, the choice of the size of the shower room is really important, whether it is too large or too small shower room will make the owner into a dilemma. We should not only consider the size of the shower room, but also make judgments based on the placement of the items in the bathroom and the position of the wall. Otherwise, it is likely that the following picture will appear, which will eventually lead to people not being able to enter the shower flexibly. between.

Therefore, before purchasing a shower room, be sure to determine the appropriate size in advance, and consider the placement of the items in the bathroom and the position of the wall to avoid problems. So what is the standard size of the shower room? This article will give you a corresponding introduction to this issue.

One of the shower room size standards

The height of the shower room: usually the height of the ceiling is 2400mm, so the height of the shower room is mostly between 1800mm and 2000mm, and the standard height is set to 2000mm. If the height of the shower room is 1800mm, it will be a bit short, so it is generally recommended to do 2000mm. Of course, it is also necessary to consider the height of the family, and adjust according to the actual space. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the position of the shower. If it is too high, it will affect the appearance. If it is too low, the water will easily splash out, affecting the separation of wet and dry. The role also affects the breathability.

Shower room size standard two

Shower room width: In the choice of the width of the shower room, the body of the person should be free to move when considering the use. The moderate size is generally 900*900mm. If the space is relatively spacious and you want to have a larger range of activities, you can consider making it bigger. The custom range is generally 800~1200mm. Or the bathroom space is limited, you can consider the small size, the shower room size standard is 800*800mm or more, if the size is smaller, the activity is not comfortable.