EA5 | Simplicity,not Simple

- Apr 14, 2020-

一、135 ° invitation

    The handle that stretches 135 ° outwards is like a heart-warming invitation, the curvature is flexible and soft, and the grip is comfortable.


二、Can't see a screw

    The hinges, wall clips, and glass clips have hidden screw structures, which are in line with the simple style of contemporary bathrooms, dustproof, rustproof and easy to clean.


三、Precision stainless steel strip

    The overall rubber strip is not exposed, it is very simple and delicate, and solves the problem of yellowing and aging of traditional rubber strips.


四、Patented tenon-and-mortise anti-drop hinge

    Ingenious use of traditional building structure, can withstand up to 2600MM glass without falling, safe and smooth opening and closing.


五、Safety laminated glass

    The impact resistance and compressive strength are 5 times that of tempered glass. Even if it is broken, it is still intact, and the fragments will not fall to the ground to avoid injury.


    Choose Deli to make your shower more comfortable!