Do You Want To Install A Shower Room In A Small Apartment?

- Jun 13, 2019-

Do you want to install a shower room in a small apartment?

Many people will have such a question: Do you want to install a shower room in a small apartment? After all, the bathroom space in the home is really limited, especially the installation of the shower room seems to be more narrow. However, I hate the feeling that the floor and the wash basin are wet after bathing, and I am eager for the effect of dry and wet separation. For the small-sized bathroom, whether or not to install a shower room, the shower room Xiaobian believes that the size of the bathroom space is not the key, life habits seem to be more important.

Miss Jiang, who lives in Guangzhou, although her bathroom is not too big, she can also install a shower room, but she chose to use a shower curtain. That is because her husband is 185 cm tall and her husband weighing 200 kg. If she is fitted with a shower room, it may be difficult for her husband to bend his toes and wash his toes. The body in the shower room is not free to move.

Xiao Bian's girlfriend, Xiaofenfen, has a three-and-a-half-year-old daughter. Xiaofenfen's daughter especially likes to take a bubble bath in the bathtub. If it is installed in the shower room, it is difficult to meet the child's preference. And the event space can be very inconvenient.

When will the small apartment bathroom need to be equipped with a shower room?

1, the bathroom does not have a heater, bathing is super cold; 2, pay special attention to dry and wet separation effect, and hope that does not affect your bath, the family can also go to the bathroom on the side; 3, do not like to clean the bathroom.

What is the choice for the small apartment shower room?

If you divide according to the style, you can choose a one-shaped, corner diamond-shaped shower room, square, arc-shaped shower room, etc.; according to the door structure, the folding door, sliding door, swing door shower room, etc.

One-word type: It can be a single screen or a word-shifting door. Folding one-line screens are increasingly popular among small-sized homeowners.