Delicacy Compnay Bathroom Easy Custom-Made

- Mar 07, 2020-

Our Delicacy vanitary push out : "Easy Custom-Made" overthrow Shower Room Industry

It is because our focus company not only captured many celebrity luxury bathrooms; it was also the first brand in the high-end shower room market to become an international five-star hotel.

The 20th anniversary of Deli, Now our founder Pan Xiaodong has a new strategic goal: through extreme pursuit and large-scale development, let more people enjoy better shower rooms.

Strategic Transformation Easy CustomerSeeking Scale Benefits Delicacy company needs to change the production way. In a semi-non-standard case, it will realize a full line of automated instructions from ordering, measurement, and ERP system will be directly sent out instructions forward assembly workshop, In this process, we can save a lot of manpower and material resources. , Automated transportation and assembly, 100% avoid errors, continue to optimize costs, and form economies of scale. "This is the concept of 'Easy Customer-Made' where we reduce costs in the face of rigid demand." come true every people can buy it.  In the future,Deli will continue aim at making the bathroom more comfortable and will be committed to create a world class and a national shower enclosure en.enterprise.