Deli Shower Room For You, How To Clean The Shower Room In Summer-2-2

- Mar 11, 2020-

After using the shower head for a period of time, the water will not flow smoothly. It feel that something is blocking the water outlet. What is the solution? You can pour half a cup of vinegar in the washbasin, and then soak the shower head in the washbasin. When you use it for two days, you will find it clean and smooth.


In fact, if you want to fully enjoy a shower experience that you can "bath" for, choosing an excellent shower room can often do more with less. The Deli shower room is undoubtedly the choice of shower room products.
DeLi shower room is recognized as the "China shower room leader" in the industry, not only won 25 national-level shower room product patents, but also adheres to the world's top standard material selection principles, developed more than 20 product series, more than 1,000 non-standard product. In 2019, Tridonic products have won the German iF International Design Award, the German Innovation Award and the German Brand Award.

The characteristics of Deli shower room are large, good quality, high purity, uniform tempering, and high stability coefficient; the glass adopts national 3C certification and has reached BMW automotive grade excellent tempered glass; the pulley adopts stainless steel closed bearing pulley, corrosion resistance and bearing capacity; The simple and stylish design makes the bathroom space more transparent and bright, and enjoys the shower experience of free space.
In this hot summer, the Deli shower room sincerely guards your shower life.