Deli's New SD5 Shower Room Is Launched

- Apr 13, 2020-

In order to create a more comfortable and healthy home environment, the Deli shower room R & D team launched a new product SD5 with a comprehensive upgrade of the security system. This new product SD5 embodies Deli's consistent standards and high-level aesthetics. The combination of art design and practical function of the security system, both advocate the aesthetic feeling, and pay attention to the practical function, more attention to the user's life experience.

Architect Antonio Gaudi once said, "Straight lines are huma's, and curves are God's." Now the curves from natural beauty to intangibles, combined with simple straight lines, have formed various expressions of beauty.

Deli SD5 combines straight lines and curves. The inner arc + outer plane design highlights the rigidity of the product. The arrangement of straight lines is simple and clear. With the changing curve design, it seems a bit more rhythmic A series of beautiful notes let users enjoy the comfort brought by SD5, and feel the refreshing breeze blowing in the summer.

For Deli, not only satisfied with repeated design, but also used every detail to show the pursuit of the ultimate elegant life.

The body of Deli SD5 all reflects the unique ingenuity of Deli's craftsmanship and the technical integrity of the furnace, which provides a powerful guarantee for users' safety showers.