DELI ,Preferred Choice For Quality Shower Enclosure

- Jul 29, 2020-

Deli, with large-scale intelligent production, has an annual production capacity of 1 million sets of customized shower rooms, with the goal of national shower rooms, and is committed to becoming a popular consumer brand; VICI, every product is consumed by skilled craftsmen It is made in time and is unique, opening up the pure luxury field of the shower room industry. Our close exchanges and cooperation with the world's top designers and architects such as Phoenix Design Studio, Luca Rossi, Alexander Andreucci, have made VICI deeply trusted and loved in the field of designers. We strictly follow the handicrafts of traditional technology, use a lot of precious handicrafts to fight against the vulgarity caused by mass production of large-scale industries, and interpret elegance, life, design and art with a new perspective and unique artistic understanding, and explain the structure of VICI. Professional skills in innovation, polishing, coloring, assembly, etc. At the same time, it can respond more quickly to customer needs, transform the dexterous craftsmanship into a unique luxury quality of life, and turn the bathroom into a living space with design beyond imagination and unique artistic tension.

Brand Concept

Everyone has an understanding of luxury. The interpretation given by VICI is that it represents not only a luxury shower room brand, but also a kind of inheritance, a set of aesthetic standards, and even the enjoyment of the nobility-world art, excellent quality, hand-crafted inheritance, and personality Customized and professional services provide the upper class with better products and a pleasant shower experience. The pursuit of details with almost perseverance proves that VICI is worth the effort and expectation.