DELI ,Preferred Choice For Quality Shower Enclosure

- Jul 06, 2020-

DELI, established in 1996, is a shower enclosure enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture  and sales of shower enclosure and accessories. With large-scale intelligent production, DELI has the  manufacturing capacity of 1 million sets of customized shower enclosures per year.

DELI adheres to the principle of material selection according to global standards, and the products  are constantly updated and iterated. DELI invites international designers to create aesthetic shower  enclosures. Up to now, it has developed more than 30 product series, more than 1,000 non-standard  products, and won 40 national patents for shower enclosures products.  

As the representative brand of China's shower enclosure industry, DELI has been running on the way for  pursuing the perfect for the development of the shower enclosure industry in the past 20 years. In 2016, with a brand value of 1.961 billion Yuan, DELI won the honor of “China's Iconic Brand” together  with famous enterprises such as Huawei, Gree and Didi.

In 2017, DELI signed a contract with Phoenix Design Studio as a strategic partner. As the most awardwinning design company in the world, Phoenix Design Studio has won more than 800 world design  awards so far. The new products jointly developed in 2019 made DELI Shower enclosure became the  first brand of China shower enclosure industry to win the German iF International Design Award. Today,  DELI has more than 1,000 specialty stores in China, including more than 100 international first-line brand  shower enclosure aesthetic showroom, to provide customers with professional products and sales  services. In foreign countries, DELI sales network has been extended to many countries and regions such  as Asia, Europe, and North America.

In the future, the vision of DELI is to make the shower more comfortable. It will be dedicated to building  a world-class shower enclosure enterprise and making unremitting efforts to build the national shower  enclosure brand.