DeLi Bathroom Easy Custom-made 2.0 Brand New Styple Happy Go Shopping At Home1-2

- Mar 12, 2020-

"Home" is the resting place of the body and the return of the mind. When the entire population has to stay indoors because of the new coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemic, "home" becomes a relatively closed space where you and your family need to spend 7 * 24 hours continuously. The shower room is a daily item that makes a warm home.

As an early initiator of shower room easy-customization, the Deli shower room has undergone continuous exploration and precipitation, and has moved from the original light customization 1.0 to  upgrade more mature “light customization 2.0” now.


Upgrading doesn't happen overnight. Through market research on hundreds of shower room design solutions, Deli has explored the bathroom habit of modern residents, and refined the advanced decoration concepts at home and abroad, combined with the current mainstream aesthetic design to create "DeLi Easy Custom-made 2.0".

DeLi Easy Custom-made shower room

Lightness is in the concept, lightness in the price, lightness in the form, lightness in life, only in product quality, product design, and product technology. Together with the design masters, Deli has selected high-quality materials, developed advanced technologies, and realized product demands through large-scale intelligent mass production, giving shower room products more light living concepts, promoting light culture, and letting showers take away the daily fatigue and noise , Just for every ordinary people to enjoy the shower experience at a low price.

Uniform standards


Customer measurement

In the past, the sales process required five steps of on-site measurement, design, retesting, ordering, and installation. Currently, only segmented products are set up. The product is more standardized on the basis of light customization 1.0. At the same time, customers can measure the size at home. People buys products at Tmall Deli shower room flagship store. The price is uniform across the country, and products are purchased by set (changing the previous model of shower room sales by square).

Light Customization 2.0 reduces the price of modular products by preparing materials in sections, while maintaining the quality of the products, so as to achieve continuous production, short cycle, large output, high quality and other characteristics, both in terms of cost and quality Fly over.

Difference between segmented products and full customization