Customized Shower Enclosure Makes More Personalized Life

- Aug 13, 2019-


Personality is the pursuit of modern urban people. It is better to choose a custom shower room that incorporates your favorite elements. However, there are more requirements for custom-made shower rooms, and the strength of the manufacturer's bespoke shower room is a focal point.

Deli shower door has established non-standard customized department, specializing in non-standard customized customer service. There are special technicians making molds, developing more than 20 product series, over 1,000 kinds of non-standard products to meet our clients need for their bathroom. The annual production capability of our factory can reach to more than 10,000 custom-made shower doors, although sometimes risking the loss of money, the philosophy of Deli to do a hundred-year-old brand insists on serving customers.

Deli shower room has standard, custom-made and over-sized products. Usually our customers will choose standard products, but some customers prefer to pursue individuality, and our non-standard customization is to serve this group, which is something other manufacturers are not willing to do. There are many bespoke schemes, such as the exchange of handles, but it must also meet the relevant conditions. The handle hole distance must be equal to the glass hole distance. The handle of the swing series cannot affect the normal opening of the movable door. The crystal handles cannot be mutually change etc. It is a professional and difficult process, but when Deli is making a custom-made products, the non-standard will be made into a standard one, and the products required by these customers will be inventoried, so that when the bespoke order is received, we can quickly meet customer needs and be prepared.

Deli's bespoke road, from the beginning to the gradual development, has become the leading brand of the industry. The hardships are believed to be obvious to all. We can say that we use  to survival, but now we prefer to a customized service. Quality is the cornerstone. On the basis of the quality of craftsmanship, we take the real needs of consumers into account, as well as the difficulties encountered in home decoration, and get rid of the monotonous bathroom space design, so that consumers can experience more unique shower experience. Why not let Deli add colorful elements to life?