Classification Of Shower Doors

- Aug 15, 2019-


The shower door has three main styles: curved, square and in-line. The curved and square shower doors are installed in a vertical corner and are divided into a bathing area at the corner of the bathroom. They are suitable for use in a slightly larger, square-shaped bathroom. The inline shower door consists of a glass door and a glass screen connected by a metal hinge in a straight line. The two ends are respectively fixed on the opposite two walls, and one end of the bathroom is separated and divided into a bathing area, normally used in rectangular bathrooms or irregularly shaped bathrooms.

According to the way of the door switch, the shower door is divided into a sliding type and a swing type. The early shower doors were all sliding type. The sliders were installed on the base and top of the shower door, and the doors were embedded in the slide rails to slide back and forth for switching. Since the rails are prone to fouling or falling into hard objects, it is not easy to clean, which may result in poor door opening and damage. Moreover, the slide rail itself has shortcomings such as short service life and high noise during pushing and pulling, so the shower door with higher grade has been generally upgraded to the hinge type. The swing door shower door generally adopts a frameless design, and the appearance is simple and smooth, which is generally welcomed by consumers.

The weight of the glass of the swing shower door is completely carried by the hinge. Since the glass door is heavy, the quality of the hinge is a vital element for safe, and it is required to be resistant to corrosion, fatigue and load. There are two kinds of hinges in different materials on the market: copper plating hinges and stainless steel die-cast hinges. Stainless steel die-cast hinges are slightly better in appearance, strength and corrosion resistance. Therefore, more famous brands often use stainless steel. The hinges ensure that the shower door is safe to use and prolongs its service life.