Trends for Shower Doors 2020

- Sep 29, 2019-

What are the current trends in bathroom design? Are there any specifics? Like any other part of the home, the bathrooms are sensitive towards fashion and design trends. It’s just that the novelties there are slower to come and more carefully considered because the investments in bathroom redecoration are more substantial and need an excellent thought-true. When reconstruction of space is done not so regularly, more like in 15 – 20 years, one puts a lot of thought and care when approaching that task.


Often the concept of the bathroom design is linked to the whole living space design arrangement, and its style is determined by the full visual idea. There is also a variety in the bathroom design trends when it comes to the minimalist bathroom’s design for small urban dwellings and the luxurious large houses with bathtubs, jacuzzi and large walk in showers.

Modern Bathroom Designs

Despite the variety on the subject one thing is sure the big names on international design scene are working on bathroom collections, inventing and collaborating with manufactures for creating a wide variety of shower and bathroom appliances. Which comes to show the importance of the subject – the trends in bathroom design are strong and influenced by global developments as any other aspect of interior design tendencies.


Here is what Werner Aisslinger has to say: “Housing is becoming more hybrid. Private residences are moving more or less towards a studio loft design. Having separate spaces with very distinct functions is no longer viable. Functions overlap. We combine work and personal life. Everything is merging, and it’s affecting both the residential and hospitality scenes. It’s a collage world.”

Compact Living

One of the most significant questions in front of designers today is how to accommodate small-scale living without compromising luxury and style? The unprecedented increase in urbanization in the world and the limitations in housing impose the question and offer intriguing creative possibilities.


Matte Black Bathroom Fixtures Are on Trend

The signature monolith presence of Vaia for Dornbracht introduces the hot new trend – matte black bathroom fixtures with a dash. The eclectic style inspiration for this collection is giving bout elegant and progressive feature to any bathroom decor – the dark stylistic can be applied in classic designs or innovative combinations it will always provide an expressive statement.


The new dark platinum matte finish gives this contemporary creation of a unique textural presence – smooth, warm and elegant, the dark liquidity of the bright lines is not only trendy, but it also carries expressive character and strong sculptural architecture.

Playing with Contrasts

Combining the simple geometrical shapes with rich tactile elements, the rectangular monolith of the base with the round arch of the pipes. Even the design set of the bathroom collection offers juxtaposition between the undulated shapes of the rough brick construct and the smooth surface of the bathroom elements. This intriguing dialog can be wonderfully rendered in any contemporary setting.

The bathroom decor composed by the designers offers a combination between the pure materiality of brick and the contemporary bright lines of the bathroom fixtures. Dark, satin-finish faucets in matte dark platinum and the smooth surface of the washstand entwine in elegant composition.

The bathroom collection offers a rich, yet carefully selected a variety of materials such as trendy matte dark platinum supplemented by acrylic stone, tinted glass, marble, bog oak, cognac leather and a violet fitted carpets – all entwining in one exquisite and elegant bathroom selection.