The Difference Between Shower Doors and Curtains

- Sep 27, 2019-

Deciding whether to have a shower curtain or doors in your bathroom will depend on a variety of factors including your tastes, budget, and long-term goals for the bathroom. Both curtains and doors have benefits associated with them, so you must determine which one will work best for you.

Shower Doors


Installing shower doors can be more expensive than putting in shower curtains, but there is less maintenance required. You may not get the same options when it comes to colors or patterns, but you will get choices on different glass types and whether the shower door has a frame or is frameless.

Unlike shower curtains, doors cannot be hung in a short amount of time and they require a bit more hardware than just a rod and some hooks. It is not impossible to hang a glass door in a day, but keep in mind it will require more than a few minutes to accomplish the task.

Doors do not have to be replaced as often as shower curtains do, so the upfront cost balances out future costs when replacing curtains. They also work better when keeping water in the tub instead of on the bathroom floor and mold and mildew growth is reduced with glass doors.

Cleaning the doors often requires the use of a squeegee and soap and water. This is much easier than cleaning a shower curtain, which may require being taken down and thrown into the washing machine—assuming the curtain can be cleaned at all (some are just thrown away and replaced).

When installing the doors, depending on the type of glass you choose, you may not be able to hide what is behind it. However, glass doors allow you to beautify the tub and shower beyond and they open up the bathroom and make it look larger. In addition, there are fewer health hazards associated with glass doors than plastic curtains.

Shower Curtains

There are many style options with shower curtains and, if you do not find something you like in a store, you have the option of creating your own. Finding patterns or color schemes is a great way to show off your style and highlight your bathroom. You can find curtains that range from silly and fun to serious and sophisticated. You get to choose which one works best for you.

Putting up curtains is often an easy task and only requires a few pieces of hardware: a curtain rod and hooks or hangers to hang the curtain from the rod. This task can often be accomplished in a fairly short amount of time.

Hanging curtains allows you to hide anything behind it. So, if your bathtub or shower is not the cleanest or if there are tons of kids’ toys, you can close the curtain so guests will not see them when they walk into the bathroom. Conversely, if you want to show off your spotless or well-organized bathtub, you can always leave your curtains open.

There are a few downsides to having curtains, including needing to maintain them so that mold and mildew do not grow out of hand. This can be tricky since the most common places for mold to grow are around the rings at the top and the corners of the curtain on the bottom. The most common type of shower curtain is plastic and, depending on how it was manufactured, the plastic can also be harmful to your health. To ensure everyone stays healthy when installing plastic curtains, you must scrutinize the label and do some research to make sure they are safe.

Fabric curtains could be an alternative to plastic ones, but if used improperly, they will not keep the water in the tub. There is a chance it could get all over the floor and cause other issues, such as ruining the floor or causing mold or mildew growth in other parts of the bathroom. In time, curtains will also have to be replaced, which could add to the cost.