The details of the custom shower room need to know

- May 25, 2019-

The details of the custom shower room need to know

When purchasing a good quality bathroom, pay attention to the details of the product. In a small home bathroom, a small independent shower room can not only block the water, but also play a role in keeping warm and decorative, making the home bathroom space more fashionable and user-friendly. "There is no bathtub in the bathroom, but there is no shower room."

It is understood that the shower room is very common in the home bathroom space. In the newly renovated homes contacted by the reporters, almost every household has a shower room, especially the ordinary shower room and the whole shower room. Since then, the shower room is the evergreen tree in the home bathroom space, and with the increase of people's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, the convenient, practical, safe and hygienic shower room is getting more and more popular, especially in some cities with less water shortage, such as Beijing. More than 80% of the home improvement family will consider the shower room when purchasing home bathroom products. Chen Ke, a home designer, said that even the bathtubs that used to be in the hotel have been changed to shower rooms.

According to relevant data, the sales of shower rooms have increased year by year in recent years, and the best-selling shower room is the best-selling. The styling should be simple and focus on the material and details. According to industry insiders, the shower room on the market can be divided into two types: the shower room with steam function and the steam-free function. The most popular one is the simple shower room and the simple shower room. It can be divided into two categories: frameless and framed. The frameless frame is mainly hinged door, while the frame is made of aluminum alloy profiles and tempered glass and hardware. “The quality of the shower room, the safety performance and durability of the product, etc., the design of the product is inextricably linked with the material and details of the product.” The salesman of the bathroom said: The first thing that pays attention to the quality shower room is the design of the product. The lines are clear, concise and clear, not suitable for too fancy; secondly, the high-quality shower room is made of aluminum with a hardness of 9 to 12 degrees, which not only has good gloss, but also has strong adhesion, is not easy to peel off, and is not easy to produce scratches and fingerprints. The hardness of aluminum reaches 13-14 degrees. Once again, the original tempered glass used in the high-quality shower room is fired at 1300 ° C, with good transparency, no bubbles and no spots, thickness of 6 ~ 10mm, high safety and not easy to break. In addition, the material and film thickness of hardware accessories are also crucial.

The shower room is tailored to the size of the area. The size of the bathroom in each home varies, and the size of the shower room that can be installed varies. According to the shape, the shower room can be divided into three types: curved, diamond-shaped and square shower.