How to identify the type of shower room

- May 30, 2019-

How to identify the type of shower room

In addition to the bath function, the shower room is also part of the bathroom and even the entire family space, and its appearance cannot be ignored. The quality of the hardware is directly related to the comfort and durability of the shower room. For people, the bathroom is more than just a place to bathe. In a sense, this is a private space to relax and enjoy life, so people are increasingly demanding the comfort and visual effects of the bathroom. high.

For modern bathroom rooms where more and more emphasis is placed on wet and dry partitions, in order to design this small square inch, in addition to choosing ceramic tiles, basins and toilets, the shower room is also a part that cannot be ignored. In the past, the shower room or shower screen mainly emphasized the functionality of the wet and dry partitions, and most of them were simply separated by transparent glass or acrylic. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers that cater to the needs of people and introduce different styles of art glass shower rooms. With rich colors and patterns, the small bathroom rooms become lively and dynamic.

The shower room can be divided into a simple shower room, a shower room, and a smart shower room.

Simple shower room: It is the most common and popular shower room category. Compared with the whole shower room, the simple shower room usually has no “roof”. The style is quite rich. The combination of glass and hardware is mostly used. The basic structure is the bottom basin. Or the bottom ridge (the texture of the bottom basin or the bottom sill is ceramic, acrylic, artificial stone, natural stone, etc.), plus the tempered glass partition door constitutes the shower room. The simple shower room has fixed specifications on the market, and can be customized according to the size of the bathroom. It can be used in different sizes of bathroom. The simple shower room is the most traditional shower room category. In addition to the introduction of most bathroom brands, there are also many art glass brands that also offer simple shower room products made of art glass.

The whole shower room: Compared with the simple shower room, the function will be more. It can be divided into steam and steamless. The basic structure is the chassis and fence. The steam-free whole shower room is mainly composed of a sprinkler, a shower room, a shower screen, a top cover and a bottom basin. The whole shower room with steam function is also called a steam room, mainly with a steam generating device. It has its own steam sauna function (also divided into dry steaming and wet steaming). The chassis of the whole shower room is mostly made of diamond, acrylic, glass fiber reinforced plastic, etc. The fence frame is mostly made of aluminum alloy. Most of the doors are PS plastic plates, FRP plates or tempered glass, and a few dry steam rooms are waterproof and ecological wood. The whole shower room is also a relatively traditional shower room product. Basically, most bathroom brands have similar products. However, in addition to these two shower rooms, in recent years, a shower room with a wash basin, toilet, shower and even a bathtub has been set up, which is equivalent to covering the entire bathroom, also called an integrated bathroom.