Shower room glass explosion-proof membrane knowledge, how much do you know?

- May 19, 2019-

Shower room glass explosion-proof membrane knowledge, how much do you know?

In recent years, with the increasing number of reports of "the glass explosion in the shower room", the inferior shower room has caused consumers to lose the "safety" and "trust" of the product, and even resist the shower room. Subconsciously think that the shower room is a "time bomb", afraid that the next person in the middle of the move is himself. Therefore, many consumers buy a shower room, for safety reasons, will put a "clothes" on the shower room glass - shower room glass explosion-proof membrane. Then, the knowledge of the glass explosion-proof membrane of the shower room, how much do consumers know? Today, the shower room is a simple answer to this question.

First, why should the shower room be affixed with explosion-proof membrane?

The general shower room explosion is due to the use of unqualified tempered glass or even ordinary glass. This glass has a very low resistance to heat, heat and cold, so it is not suitable for use in shower rooms. There are also individual accidents that blew themselves even if qualified full tempered glass is used. Generally speaking, the user has problems with the maintenance of the shower room and the use of the shower room. If the crack is scratched with a sharp object, the explosion will occur. . The national standard shower room tempered glass has a "self-explosion rate of three thousandths", while the self-explosion rate of the shower room is as low as one thousandth. Although the tempered glass has been safely treated, there is still a chance of self-explosion to cause physical damage. After the glass film is attached, even if it is self-explosive, the glass fragments can be stuck in place until they are safely removed, thereby reducing possible human injury and protecting property.

Second, the characteristics of the explosion-proof membrane

The shower room tempered glass explosion-proof membrane is completely made of PET transparent polyester fiber membrane. It has high strength and tensile strength, 160% high elongation, strong acid resistance and strong alkali resistance. It can maintain the physical properties in high temperature.

Third, the use of explosion-proof membrane maintenance

1. The glass film is mainly made by dry sticking method. It can be used immediately after the glass film is applied, and the time is fast and the efficiency is high. (If there is a special film or curved glass, the blur will gradually decrease according to the type, humidity, temperature and time of the product. It will be completely eliminated within two to six weeks, and the small water spot will be reduced until it finally disappears.) .

2. After installation of the glass product, it is recommended not to clean or wipe the glass within two days. During this period, the change of appearance is a natural part of the explosion-proof film bonding process.

3, the anti-scratch coating on the surface of the glass explosion-proof membrane, after proper maintenance, the attached glass film will be as bright as many years later. For best results, it is recommended to clean with a soft, clean cotton cloth and a general household high-efficiency glass cleaner or weak acid detergent.

4. In the process of transportation or packaging, the film glass products should be completely separated by soft packaging materials to avoid accidental damage.

5. Operating temperature: Use in an environment between -30 ° C and +80 ° C.