Renovation - How To Choose Shower Door?

- Aug 13, 2019-


The shower door, in general, is divided into standard shower door and bespoke shower door. The standard shower door cannot be changed according to the size, and the electrical components inside the shower door are in a humid environment for a long time, so it is more aging and troublesome to maintain. Therefore, the simple custom-made shower door is more flexible and easy to care for.

How to properly plan a shower door in the bathroom?

Step1: Where should I install the shower door?

The shower door is suitable for being placed in the innermost part of the bathroom, separated from the outside toilet area. When setting, consider the location of the launching water, try to use the original drain.

The shower door for Chinese families is 90x90 cm. If the bathroom is small, the minimum is 80x80 cm, which of course will sacrifice some comfort. If there is something special, you can expand the size to 100x100 cm. The choice of non-standard shower door size is even greater. The height of the shower door is between 180cm and 200cm, and at least 10cm should be left between the other sanitary wares to avoid interaction.

Step2: What type of shower door do I need?

In-line shower door: the simplest structure, with tempered glass as the partition, divided along the bathroom wall. The shower door is in the partition, and even do not need shower tray, as long as a water retaining strip, and the cost is relatively affordable.

Quadrant shower door: The curved corner space of the bathroom is separated from the outside by curved tempered glass to form a fan-shaped, water-drop type shower door. It does not require a large space, and any space can be built, but it needs to have a corresponding shower tray to match, and because the curved tempered glass is more expensive, the overall price is higher.

Pentagonal shower door: It just takes up a corner position and is named for its diamond-shaped design. It not only ensures enough space inside, but also allows more space for activities on the outside. It is very space-saving and is one solution for small bathrooms.

Step3: What kind of shower door should I choose?

Sliding shower door: Also called the bypass shower door, it is embedded between the top and bottom rails of the shower door and slides left and right. The advantage is that it does not need to occupy space when opening, but the wear rate of the slide rail itself is high, and the switch is not easy after falling into the debris. Therefore, it is more suitable for families with small bathroom space.

Swing door: generally adopts frameless design, the appearance is simple and smooth, but it will occupy a certain space when opening the door, and the water stored on the door will flow to the ground. Choosing a swing door shower door requires enough space in the bathroom.

Fold shower door: It can save the space occupied by the door to the maximum extent without affecting the movement. However, it is inconvenient for the elderly and children who are not very negligent, and even dangerous. The price is also higher.

Step4: How should I choose the material?

For glass, you have a choice of tempered glass, laminated glass and special effect glass.

Tempered glass: high strength, almost no cracking due to normal impact, but not resistant to cone impact. The thickness is generally from 6 mm to 10 mm, and the thickness of 8 mm can be selected. Because tempered glass also has a certain chance of bursting, it is best to apply a layer of explosion-proof film on the glass to minimize damage to the human body.

Laminated glass: A layer of PVB interlayer is sandwiched between two layers of glass. Even if the glass breaks, the fragments will stick to the film while the surface remains intact and smooth. The strength of the laminated glass is more than 5 times higher than that of the tempered glass. After the rupture, the whole piece of glass remains in place, and the pieces do not splash. Therefore, it can be called the safest shower door glass, but because of its high cost,  family is still a minority.

Special effect glass: They are opaque glass with water ripple or grain effect. The essence is tempered glass, but the visual effect is different. The advantage is that there is a certain degree of shelter, but it is also easy to see that the bathroom is not transparent enough. It can only be used for flat tempered glass, not for curved tempered glass.