Old house renovation bathroom leaking? The base of the shower area can do this!

- May 29, 2019-

Old house renovation bathroom leaking? The base of the shower area can do this!

Now the rough house is difficult to buy, and the price is not cheap, so many friends will choose to buy second-hand housing. However, after they stayed for a while, they found that the waterproofing of the bathroom floor was not done well. The water leakage on the ground was very serious. After bathing, the water would penetrate into the building and it would seriously affect the daily life of the downstairs residents and the residents and residents. The harmonious relationship between!

Many people will think that the second-hand housing is refurbished, and it is almost enough to make the appearance look just like it. It is too wasteful to spend money on some "leaves". However, in fact, the old house often leaks and is easily damp due to the age, especially in the very humid place of the bathroom, it is necessary to re-do the waterproof work!

If the bathroom leaks out of the ground to repair it, it will cost too much, and it will be more difficult to restore the original before it is. If the bathroom leaks, do you want to deal with it? Here is a brief analysis of how the second-hand bathroom can improve the water leakage without opening the ground.

Leaking water in a bathroom is generally caused by the fact that the water in the bath is too late to drain or the water is scattered to the ground. In this case, it is necessary to do a good job of dry and wet separation of the bathroom and waterproofing the floor of the shower area. If you open the bathroom and re-do the waterproof layer, the general effect will not be much better, and it is a big project to open the ground. So what is the best way? In fact, there are quite a few smart owners who do this. They tend to buy a shower basin to improve the leaking water in the bathroom. Like the base of the shower room, the special water purifier for the high-density shower base is used. The water hose directly introduces the water from the shower into the ground drain. The bottom drain hose is 40mm at the minimum, and the general floor drain diameter is greater than 40mm. If the floor drain is less than 40mm, it needs to be converted to a small diameter hose. The water hose can be adjusted freely from left to right, which is very convenient. Because the basin water pipe directly flows out of the sewer, the bottom basin can effectively improve the waterproofing of the bathroom without opening the bathroom floor.