Market price of shower room

- May 28, 2019-

Market price of shower room

There are many kinds of shower rooms on the market, and the materials are different, so the price difference is also very big.

Although the simple shower room looks simple and is the most traditional shower room, its price range is very large, cheap can be very cheap, and a few hundred thousand can make a simple shower screen, and the most widely used nowadays. The mainstream price of glass shower room is about 600-700 yuan per square meter, mainly for the mass market; while the art glass shower room is much more expensive, according to the art glass of different crafts, from 1,000 yuan to three square meters. 4,000 yuan, mainly for the high-end market. The price of the shower room is closely related to its function. The most common steam-free shower room, the current mainstream price is about two or three thousand yuan; and some integrated shower rooms that integrate dry steaming, wet steaming and other functions, the price is much more expensive, from seven to eight thousand to one 20,000 yuan. In general, the price is related to the function, equipment and materials of the shower room, targeting the mid- to high-end market.

The style of the popular style is diversified, and the most modern and simple, naturalistic shower room is not only a bath function, but also a part of the bathroom and the entire family space. In addition to the functional size, its appearance can not be ignored. The current shower rooms are mainly modern minimalist styles, some are purely constructed of transparent glass, with a sense of transparency in the simplicity, even with the use of artistic glass decoration, the polka dots, stripes or irregular abstract patterns are The theme gives a refreshing and natural feeling. The modern minimalist style is a combination of glass and metal. The lines are mostly streamlined and tend to develop towards avant-garde and technological sense. The color is more focused on the neutral color of black and white, such as the latest dumb. The black series shower room presents a strong sense of technology.

The modern minimalist style is based on the light and calm color. The pursuit is simple and generous, and strives to let people abandon the cumbersome and return to the simplest and natural state after a hard day's work. And this style is also relatively more versatile, able to adapt to different colors, styles of bathroom space.