Is the shower room good for stone base or bottom basin?

- May 20, 2019-

Is the shower room good for stone base or bottom basin? What is the difference?

Many consumers will have a problem when choosing the base of the shower room. Is it better to use stone base or bottom basin? What is the difference between the two? There is no doubt that the purpose of the consumer is the same, that is, it is hoped that the overall beauty of the shower room can be improved while avoiding the overflow of water. In fact, the choice of the bottom basin or stone base is very particular. The characteristics of the two are different, and the effects are different, especially in terms of function and aesthetics. This requires consumers to combine the actual situation of their own bathroom. Make a choice. Let's take a brief look at the knowledge of the stone base and the bottom basin of the shower room.

The difference between the stone base and the bottom basin in the shower room

The same point: stone base or bottom basin are placed on the ground to block water.


Shower room stone base

The stone base is made of various materials such as gel coat, unsaturated polyester resin, ore powder, catalyst, etc., and the stone base can be selected to be embedded or directly coated with a glass seal. In the choice of stone base, we must choose a good stone base. If the bad stone base is easy to break after 1-2 years, it is very troublesome to reload it. We must first remove the shower room and then install the stone. Base, if the reloading is not installed, it may cause the screw holes on the wall, which is very ugly. In the identification of stone base, first of all, to see the degree of surface brightness, there is no doubt that the brighter stone base quality is definitely better; secondly, the stone base surface has a layer of gel coat, which plays a role in aesthetics and protection of stone-based subjects. The stone-based gel coat has a thickness of 0.6-0.8mm, uniform coverage, good gloss, low water absorption, anti-leakage, firm bonding of the gel coat and the stone-based surface, easy cleaning, strong resistance to cold and heat shock, and long service life. Finally, look at the cut surface, the good stone-based cut surface has no obvious pinholes, trachoma, bubbles, bright color, and uniform color structure. Compared with the bottom basin, the stone base is relatively simple to repair.

Shower base basin

The bottom basin is made of high-strength imported acrylic material with wear-resisting and anti-slip function. The thickness is up to 3mm. It is pressed and formed by advanced mold equipment. It is strengthened by multiple processes and special resin and fine fiberglass woven. Polishing and refining treatment ensures that the bottom basin is bright as a mirror, comfortable to touch, easy to clean, plus 304 stainless steel bracket screws can adjust the ground level, and the water hose is directly connected to the sewer. This configuration has the anti-blocking and deodorizing function of dewatering, so that the entire bottom basin is kept dry and clean, and has the characteristics of resistance to cold and heat shock, anti-aging, cracking resistance, corrosion resistance, good self-cleaning function, etc., and is durable and durable. The anti-slip function of the surface avoids slipping, so you can enjoy the shower!