Is shower room suitable for the bathroom?

- Aug 01, 2019-


  With the continuous development of human society, the fast life-style and the increasing frequency of social interactions, the harmful diseases such as skin diseases is becoming more and more serious, making the showering, which is more ancient, accepted by the advantage of hygiene and simplicity. With the improvement of people's living standards, modern bathing puts  higher requirements to shower rooms. Therefore, the shower room in the bathroom is relatively clean and convenient.


Dry and wet distinction:

  As the home decoration is increasingly elegant and noble, the bathroom is required to distinguish between the dry area and the wet area, and the shower is completed in the wet area. The good shower room has strong water tightness, avoids the leakage of water, ensures that the clean room , and the senior decoration has a long service life. The more user-centered shower room has an open-style glass shelved with dry towels or clean clothes (DELI creates unique glass shelves beside the shower door to provide a better place for the needed staff).


Warm-keeping  function:

  Due to the universal application of gas or natural gas water heaters in daily life, its safety requires good ventilation in the shower room. It is generally required that the shower room be kept warm during the shower. If you install a 500-1000W heating lamp in the shower room, we can keep warm in the shower, and avoid sultry feeling caused by the whole bathroom and shower room plus the top cover. So it is required that the oversized high glass should install the heating lamp on the top of the shower room to make the shower more comfortable and pleasant.

Therefore, modern shower rooms require good water tightness to distinguish between wet and dry areas and keep warm.