In fact, the shower room can be designed like this.

- May 27, 2019-

How to divide the function of the large bathroom. In fact, the shower room can be designed like this.

When the house was being renovated, when planning the functional partition of the bathroom, many people thought that only one shower room could be installed in the bathroom. Secretly telling you that the shower room is not only for showers, but the bathroom shower room can also be designed like this! With people's quality requirements for the bathroom, many people have their own design requirements for their own shower room, then the effect of their own design can be achieved? In fact, the current shower room can accept personalized customization services, which is what we have previously said. However, the personalized shower room can be used for interior designers to have a relatively large space and more creative ideas.

The bathroom shower room partitions are different, with half partitions, full partitions, fan-shaped, curved, square, etc., with a shower in it, which is our common simple shower room. Of course, the shower partition we are talking about today has other uses besides showering. As we all know, bathroom partitions are mainly for dry and wet separation. However, the shower and the toilet are separately partitioned, so that the functional partition is more obvious, and the independent use of different functional areas can facilitate the simultaneous use of a few mouths. Moreover, after the toilet area is partitioned, it effectively prevents the spread of odor, and quickly extracts the odor through the exhaust fan, always keeping the bathroom dry and fresh.

T-shaped shower room, with two separate spaces in the toilet area and shower area, and then washed outside the T-shaped shower room, the three functions do not interfere with each other. Such a partition is a gospel for a cabinet like a solid wood bathroom cabinet, and it is beautiful. But the premise is that the bathroom space is large enough. Since the establishment of the shower room, every product created has been designed with humanity as the design concept, comfortable and convenient as the guideline; strict quality management system and perfect production management mode; each shower room has been carefully built by people. Safety, water resistance, slidability and smoothness are far beyond industry standards. Focus on safety and quality while continuously improving its brand value.