How to choose the right shower room?

- Jul 22, 2020-

一、The quality of glass is very important. Ordinary glass cannot be used as a shower room. Tempered glass must be used, and the following 4 aspects must be followed: 1. It has 3C certification mark, and it is better to use laser to print directly on the glass; 2. Tempered glass The thickness of the glass has a variety of specifications such as 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and generally 6mm-8mm is fine; 3. Check whether the glass edge is damaged, whether the chamfering and edging is smooth, and the problematic product occurs after installation The probability of self-explosion will be much higher; fourth, the best shower room will have a self-explosion rate of three thousandths, so it is best to paste a layer of explosion-proof film on the glass, even if there is a problem, the glass fragments will only stick to The film will not hurt people everywhere. In addition to ordinary tempered glass, many businesses have introduced tempered glass or laminated glass with CCCs certification. The price will be more expensive than ordinary tempered glass, and the product itself has an explosion-proof function.


二、Shower room aluminum should be strong. The poor aluminum has a thickness of only 0.7mm-1.1mm. Most of them are made of recycled waste aluminum to save costs. The surface has many trachoma, pinholes, lines, dark color, soft texture, and easy Deformed or broken, it is difficult to clean when used at home, easy to rust, and it is easy to cause the shower room to explode. A good aluminum material is not only strictly controlled, but the surface will also be treated with multiple layers, the coating is firm, the color is bright, it will not corrode, and the thickness will be 1.2mm-1.5mm, and some can even reach 2mm.


三、The slide rails in the shower room should be smooth: poor quality slide rails are difficult to pull, and the glass is prone to explosion due to uneven force when pulled hard. Therefore, the wheel seat of the pulley should be made of compressive and heavy-duty materials, such as 304 stainless steel and high-end synthetic materials. The seal of the wheel seat is good, and water vapor is not easy to enter the wheel, and the smoothness of the wheel can be guaranteed.

四、The handle of the shower room should be safe. The handle of the shower room should not be too obtrusive, especially if there are elderly or children in the house, it is easy to get injured by hitting the too sharp handle when taking a bath. So it is best to choose a sleek appearance, smooth and effortless switching.

五、The rubber strips in the shower room should be tight: the water vapor in the shower room is heavy and the temperature is high. The rubber strips made of polymer are easy to age, and generally need to be replaced every one or two years. The sealing strips of high-quality shower rooms should not have breakpoints at the hinges. The sealing strips between the glass doors must be magnetic for better sealing performance.

六、Choose the shower door direction to be comfortable. Sliding doors do not take up space. It is more suitable for families with smaller bathrooms, but the slide rails are easy to accumulate or fall into hard objects and are not easy to clean. The swing door is suitable for large toilets. The opening and closing is convenient and effortless, but the force must be used, and there should be no items that are easy to bump. You can choose different opening methods according to the situation at home.