How To Choose Accessories For Shower Door

- Aug 08, 2019-


The shower room accessories play an important role in fixing the whole shower room and waterproof sealing, which affects the installation effect and safety of the shower room. Therefore, consumers must pay attention to the quality of the shower room accessories when purchasing the shower room. The accessories are small, but they cannot be ignored. The shower room fittings are preferably made of stainless steel, because 304 stainless steel has high hardness, strong bearing capacity, good corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and easy maintenance. If it is a stainless steel material with poor material quality, it has poor corrosion resistance, and may cause moisture in the shower room. Over time, it will cause rust spots, and the service life will be reduced, which will affect the service life of the shower enclosure.

Copper material is also commonly used in shower room accessories. Deli shower room is made of 59# copper. It is hand-finished and polished by skillful men. It has metallic feel, strong corrosion resistance and is not easy to be deformed. If it is a low-quality copper fitting, its surface is prone to emerging black spots, foaming, delamination and other phenomena.

When selecting a shower room, pay attention to the adjustment function of the shower room accessories, because some walls can not reach the standard 90 degrees, there will be deviations in the installation of the shower room, the glass is easy to be twisted, thus causing the phenomenon of glass self-explosion. The design of the room accessories of Deli pays attention to the functional structure. The accessories made by DELI can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to correct the error of the wall. At the same time, the glass is naturally upright and free from lateral torque, ensuring the natural fit of the shower room and the wall surface so to realize sealing and waterproofing.