Here are some things to keep in mind when using the shower room:

- Jun 02, 2019-

Here are some things to keep in mind when using the shower room:

1. When using, pay attention to the positive force to hit the movable door, so as not to cause the sliding door of the shower room to fall off.

2. The screws of the pulley should be adjusted regularly to ensure the effective bearing of the pulley and good sliding effect.

3, pay attention to the regular cleaning of the shower room, to avoid hair and other debris blocking the water pipe.

For some users with small space, they want to install a shower room in the bathroom. At present, it is not clear what the minimum size of the shower room is.

In order to allow customers to get closer to our Tianmu shower room, the data has been developed for reference by the design engineering department.

First of all, the basic shower room materials for our shower room are: 1.9 meters high; 8mm/thick stainless steel glass; 1.5mm/thick aluminum. These are the design data for the regular shower room. For other custom-designed shower rooms, customers can adjust to the needs. Come to everyone's relationship problem Shower room minimum size: In order to ensure that the body can freely move in the minimum case, our Guangdong shower room has the universal minimum size: 900mm * 900mm minimum size. In special cases, it can also be set at: 800mm * 800mm minimum size, provided that the user can bathe without being affected. Satisfying needs is the first condition, and secondly, it can be designed according to the actual space available. In order to make the design more beautiful, Tianmu shower room recommends a custom-made shower room.

The smallest size shower room seems to be designed for some specific people. Tianmu Tips If you are not the space limit, try not to choose the smallest size of the shower room, it is too small. From the current development of the shower room in Guangdong, the installation process of the shower room is relatively simple. Even some shower rooms have evolved into simple shower rooms, which are composed of only a few parts and are also convenient for users to assemble. For those who do not understand the operation, there is no need to worry, there are after-sales technical support, even if you do not understand, there are professional technicians to install.