Frameless Shower Screen

- Aug 14, 2019-


The shower screen is divided into a framed shower screen and a frameless shower screen, each with its own advantages and different design functions, mainly depending on the preferences of consumers. Generally, the frameless shower screen is light and bright, giving people a more comfortable feel. The frameless shower screen has higher requirements for hardware accessories, as well as waterproof seal strips. Generally, young people who are pursuing individuality prefer the frameless shower screen, which is more fashionable and can be used with a variety of bathroom styles. Deli shower screen 15 framless sliding series has obtained national patent certificate, 35 frameless swing series, 17 frameless hinge series, 18 frameless spring hinge patent series, these series of shower screen products are all in appearance transparent and fashionable, the way to open the door is different, and it is enthusiastically sought after by consumers.