Five Key Elements When Choosing Shower Door

- Nov 12, 2019-

Quality requirements for shower rooms:

1. Glass


  The glass is divided into ordinary glass, semi-tempered glass and fully tempered glass. In order to ensure the safety of consumers when using the glass in the shower room, it is necessary to strictly adopt fully tempered glass. There are also many differences in tempered glass. First of all, the advantages and disadvantages of glass are the equipment, technology, process and management of the original glass factory. The original glass film is made of silicate. If the equipment, technology and process of the original glass factory are not qualified, the original glass film will have bubbles, pinholes, black spots, white spots and fog. . Among all the original glass processing factories in China, only Shanghai Yaopi Company and Shenzhen Nanfang Glass Factory have the most advanced production equipment and technology. The original glass produced has less impurities and good transparency, and supplies such as Audi and Guangzhou Honda. Manufacturing plant.

2. Aluminum alloy


    Aluminum is a metal element extracted from aluminum ore. The best country to produce aluminum ore in the world is Canada, followed by China and Australia. There are many bases for producing aluminum ore in China, such as Guizhou, Shanxi, Gansu, etc., among which the best aluminum ore in Guizhou is the best. It is commonly known as Zhongshan Aluminum. Zhongshan Aluminum has a high reputation in the aluminum industry, which belongs to industrial grade aluminum and is a country. Exempt from inspection products. In Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong, there are a large number of aluminum materials for construction. This aluminum material is mostly processed with low-priced aluminum ingots, and even recycled aluminum scrap is used for the second processing. It is called aluminum sheet and is widely used in doors and windows. Above the frame, some low-end shower door manufacturers use such aluminum as a shower room in order to reduce costs.

The method of comparing aluminum: the quality is not good, from the surface treatment to see if there is color difference, lines, trachoma; see if the aluminum cut is glossy, whether it is flat, whether there is burr, good aluminum incision part is shiny, flat, no burr, On the contrary, it is a low-grade aluminum material. When the aluminum material is pressed hard, it will be soft; the weight of the whole body will be suspended on the beam of the shower room to prove the bearing capacity.

3. Pulley


  The pulley is the most important thing in the sliding shower room. Only the pulley with reasonable structure and good material can guarantee the service life of the shower room and the safety of consumers.

  Some high-end shower rooms adopt a double-pulley trapezoidal fit with a V-shaped track design, and the V-shaped track design is not easy to wear, no virtual position, no shaking. The pulleys used to resist the shower room are roughly: A, carbon steel pulleys - such pulleys are prone to rust, fragile, corrosive, black bearing parts, and white rubber outside. B, zinc alloy pulley - this material is also easy to rust, brittle and easy to break, the rubber outside the pulley is easy to fall off in friction. C, copper shaft rubberized pulley design - this kind of pulley is the most common, the middle part is yellow copper, which is surrounded by steel balls, white PVC material outside, copper, steel ball and plastic friction are easy to wear, the pulley gap is large, dust is easy to enter The steel ball is stuck, causing damage to the rubberized shedding pulley.

4. The overall structure of the shower room and hardware


  Some high-end shower rooms pay attention to the waterproof design of the shower room and the design of the adjustment function. For example, the vertical and horizontal adjustment function of the wall can correct the deviation caused by the cement and the installer. High-end shower room hardware accessories are mostly made of stainless steel fittings, and stainless steel fittings are best made of 304 hand-polished stainless steel.

  Some low-end shower rooms have the following common problems: A. The track design is fully 90-degree U-shaped design, and the bottom rail is also U-shaped groove design, which is easy to accumulate dust and hair, and wear the pulley. B, there is no front and rear adjustment function, can not correct the deviation of cement workers, the effect of the installation of the shower room is not good, the glass is easy to self-explosion by the lateral torque, the pulley is also easy to wear. C. All the accessories are made of low-cost aluminum alloy fittings and zinc alloy fittings, and even plastics are used as support parts, which are not only insufficient in strength, but also easy to wear and fragile. D. There are many burrs at the joints of the aluminum material, which are not flat and the overall feeling is rough.

5. Seal strips


  The quality of the seal strip is based on the quality of the raw materials and the control of the processing technology. At present, the best seal strip in the domestic shower room is PVC seal strip. This kind of seal strip is suitable for both cold winter and hot summer. It is weather resistant. Now the shower enclosure has a soft edge strip on the side of the aluminum, which reduces the glue and makes a good seal.

  Some low-end shower rooms have no good design in the treatment of the bottom water retaining seal strips, and water leakage often occurs. In addition, some low-end shower room manufacturers design the swing doors with spring hinges, and the hinge parts need to be processed by shearing strips. The glue strip is not a whole from top to bottom, and the water leakage in the hinge is serious. In short, the quality of the door magnetic seal strip used in the low-end shower room is very poor, the permeability is not good, the impurities are obvious, the aging is easy to break, and the service life is short.