Comfortable Use Requires Care

- Aug 15, 2019-


Hardware is critical to the life of the shower door, so pay attention to the cleaning of the hardware frequently, but be careful not to contact with strong acid and alkali. For the sliding type shower door, it is necessary to regularly clean the sanitary ware in the sliding rail to remove foreign matter and prevent the sliding rail from being damaged due to poor sliding.

If the shower door does not clean the glass in time after long-term use, the glass may be hung on the glass, which affects the appearance. At this time, you can go to the supermarket to buy a kind of detergent called “glass cleaner”. After you finish the glass, the glass will be bright and new. If you feel that it is often necessary to clean the glass, it is better to buy a shower door made of tempered cloth glass. Because the cloth on the surface of the glass scatters the light, the glass is translucent, so that even if the water alkali is formed, it will not be seen. Does not affect the appearance.

Don't ignore the role of the seals

The shower door is mainly made of tempered glass, and the corners of the tempered glass are relatively fragile. Be careful not to rub the corners of the glass with hard objects. It is best to choose a product with a sealing strip on the edge of the glass, because the sealing strip can appropriately relieve the impact force generated by the collision and has a certain safety protection effect on the tempered glass.

The main function of the shower door is to block the splash of water during bathing. Therefore, you should pay attention to whether the selected product has a sealing strip at the connection between glass and glass, glass and wall. If not, it is difficult to block the splash of water from the shower when the shower is in use, and the effect of the shower door is greatly reduced. Moreover, the sealing strip of the high-quality shower door should not have a break point at the hinge, and the sealing strip between the glass doors should be magnetic seals, so that the water retaining performance is better.

Since the shower door is heavy, the wall surface to be installed is preferably a load-bearing wall or a solid wall of not less than 15 cm in thickness, so that safety is guaranteed. However, for a shower door with thin tempered glass, a solid wall of 10 cm thickness can be installed.