Choose a few showers in the shower room

- May 22, 2019-

Choose a few showers in the shower room

With the development of the economy and the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for quality of life are constantly changing. The shower room, as an iconic product of taste and life, has become a must for fashion people. There are many brands in the shower room, which make the consumers dazzled, but the quality is uneven. Below, let Xiaobian teach you a few tips for choosing a shower room, and let you practice your own "eyes of fire".

[Customized way] The standard shower room is set in batch size of 900*900mm and 1000*1000mm according to the actual situation of domestic and foreign real estate and residential buildings. The shape is mostly arc-shaped and right-angled, and is directly installed in the vertical corner. Suitable for more than 95% of the bathroom. Its biggest feature is the price concession, suitable for consumers with small bathroom units and relatively small decoration budget. Non-standard custom shower room can be customized according to the requirements of consumers, especially to solve the problem of installation of shower room in special type (special asymmetric room type, such as J-shaped, ladder type, etc.), and more choices are available. It is more suitable for people who have a slightly larger bathroom space and who are pursuing individualization and full budget.

[Style] Relatively speaking, the arc shape and the right angle shape are the most space-saving, and can be directly installed in the corner of the wall, which is more suitable for a small family in the bathroom. The diamond type takes up more space, and the visual angle is more varied, which is more suitable for families with a slightly larger bathroom space.

[Functional] The shower room has more showers, faucets, top covers and chassis than the simple shower room (simple shower room can be equipped separately). If it has steam function, it can also be called smart (steam) shower room. The biggest advantage of the shower room is that the overall style is uniform, but the price is also high.

[Opening the door] The sliding door is more space-saving than the swinging door, and the price is mostly relatively cheap. It is suitable for families with relatively small bathroom space. When choosing this type of door opening method, be sure to pay attention to the pulley, which carries the weight of the whole movable door. If the quality is not good, the noise will be small, and the heavy roller will cause self-explosion due to uneven force. Although the swing door takes up a certain amount of space, it is generous in style and more upscale. If the bathroom space and decoration budget allow, it is recommended to choose this type. Be sure to pay attention to the hinge when choosing. The hinge is not only related to whether the door is light or not, but also bears the weight of the movable door. The hinges are made of wear-resistant stainless steel, followed by copper and aluminum chrome. In addition, if the bathroom structure in the home is more complicated, such as asymmetric room type, bathroom is too small, etc., it is best to draw a floor plan, so that the store sales staff can choose a more suitable shower room for you, or even let them You specially designed a shower room. There are several toilets that are suitable for small spaces. The opening method of the NE6422 series folding doors does not occupy the door opening space. The NK4222 series 180-axis opening method can also be used to turn the door to the wall and free up the corner space.